Tim Arnold's Pinball Palace

When I was at Pinball Fantasy 98 in Las Vegas, I stopped by Tim Arnold's house to help move pins to the show. Here's a picture tour of the place. Remember, Tim has every Gottlieb EM pinball except for one, and all but fifteen Gottliebs till they closed in 1997.

This is the entrance to Tim's backyard "barn". It's a steel building with a steel roof and skylights (natural UV light, which he regrets using). It is NOT a pole barn. There are no beams in the middle of the building to navigate around (much more expensive than a pole barn). The building is "L" shaped, and huge. It uses a heat pump for air cooling and circulation.

Here's a row of Gottlieb wedgeheads form the 1960's. The second one from the left has a token dispenser (covered with a blue waste basket). This is attached to a relay, which is attached to the knocker wires. So when you get a replay, the game pulses the knocker (which is now a relay). The relay then pulses the token dispenser and two knockers. The token is spit out onto the top glass. The top glasses are covered with cardboard to prevent color fading from the natural UV light.

Here's a row of woodrails. Tim takes most of the back glasses out and stores them inside.

Tons of 1960's metal rails that haven't been restored.

Left: More bodies and heads, stacked to the ceiling.
Right: Legs legs legs legs.


Tim's Personal Space

A tour of the Tim estate...

The back of Tim's Las Vegas house.

Scanning to the right a bit, a shot of the backyard.

Scanning to the right, a full shot of the backyard including the tennis court. To the right and behind the tennis court is the "L" shaped pinball storage area seen above.

Next to the workshop, which is next to the house. Note the pile of wiring from stripped cabinets (this is recyclable, which Tim is pretty consciencious about). In the background is the bowling ball pile-from-hell...

Tim buys used bowling balls from Good Will for a $1 each. This is pure charity; what good is a used bowling ball that is drilled for someone else's hand?

Inside Tim's house, this is the back workroom. The main doorway in the center left goes to the kitchen. Notice the pizza boxes stacked on the right? Tim uses these to store parts.

Inside Tim's workshop. This is a separate building right next to the house. The bowling balls and wiring harness scrap pile are right next to this building. Again notice the pizza boxes.

End of tour...